Bazillion Book Drive District Timeline

Here is a timeline for your District Bazillion Book Drive Team to follow. You can adjust this timeline to best suit your District’s context. Just make sure you complete the project prior to Annual Conference 2016.


Begin to Create Your District Team

Identify people in your District who are passionate about literacy, education, or ministry with children. Invite them to be your District’s leadership team for this project. Who should be on the team? Here are some suggestions:

  • Key Leader(s) / Project Point Person(s)—a passionate leader who will invite individuals and churches to participate and build excitement for this project. The Key Leader will also help the rest of the District Team meet the deadlines and goals the District Team sets.
  • Liaison(s) with book-receiving agencies—to help recruit and vet agencies, ministries and other organizations in your District who will receive the collected new books. They will also encourage local churches to invite current ministry partners working with under-resourced children 3rd grade and younger to apply to receive new books. The Liaison will work with each agency to help determine the number of books and other criteria (such as grade level, cultural background, ethnicities represented) for the new books they wish to receive.
  • Collection Coordinator(s)—to work with District leaders to identify collection hubs as well as short-term storage options throughout the District as new books are sorted to be distributed to agencies.
  • Sorting Coordinator(s)—will oversee the process to sort the donated books by target age group and other criteria and designate them for the appropriate agencies. Sorting a Bazillion Books is too much work for one person, so the key for this job is to train and empower volunteers!
  • Distribution Coordinator(s)—will identify transportation options and coordinate volunteers to help deliver books to designated agencies (Hint: Disaster Response teams have experience at moving supplies!)
  • Event Planning Team—Each District is asked to have one or more “Bazillion Book Big Event” of gathering collected books, celebrating the collection and sorting the books for distribution. The Big Event should provide energy and excitement for the project and give all your District’s congregations a chance to participate.
  • Telling the Story Team—will help capture the stories of books being collected and distributed AND the relationships formed through this project. This team is asked to record videos, take pictures, get quotes and write up stories describing the activities and events so your District’s Bazillion Book Drive experience can be told and celebrated during Annual Conference 2016.




Communicate with Churches in Your District

Start notifying local churches in your District about the Bazillion Book Drive. Get them excited about the project! See the Communication Helps page  short blurbs, logos and graphics you can use. Remember to stress that we are collecting new books for children 3rd grade and younger. Make sure you include the Suggested Book List. This list has been compiled from suggestions from educators, reading specialists and agencies working with children in our Conference area.


Recruit Agencies in Your Area to Receive Books

Start a list of nonprofits, schools, libraries, daycare centers—any organization in your area that serves under-resourced children. Additionally, have your local churches identify ministry partners and local agencies that are working with under-resourced children and families. Invite each of these agencies to complete the online application to receive new books. See the Recruiting Agencies page for tips on recruiting agencies. Your District Team will be asked to vet the agency applications from within your District before an organization is approved to receive books.


MARCH 2016


Make a Logistics Plan

The goal is to distribute new books now, not to collect and store them until Annual Conference! As soon as your District begins to collect new books and identify approved agencies in your area, you can begin to fulfill requests. This will take some organization on your part, so have a plan before you have a Bazillion Books in hand. If you need help developing your Logistics Plan or getting the books where they need to go contact Lori Feist, the Conference Logistics Coordinator for the Bazillion Book Drive.
Lori Feist— or 205-910-2140


Book Collection by Local Churches and Communities

This is a project in which each of your local congregations can easily participate. Make a targeted push for a certain time period for the congregations in your District to collect new books. Churches can encourage members to bring new books to church activities. They can also invite their non-Methodist neighbors to bring new books to a designated drop-off site in the community. for for a link to customizable flyers.

Congregations can also donate funds to be used to buy new books for your District to distribute. The Conference Bazillion Book Drive Team is seeking out publishers and booksellers who are willing to make donated dollars go far. For information about how to purchase books for your District contact: Rev. Sally Allocca— or 205-836-3201


Bazillion Book Big Event Planning

Each District is asked to have at least one Bazillion Book Big Event during which you gather collected new books, celebrate the collection and sort the books for distribution. This event should happen prior to Annual Conference 2016. The event should provide energy and excitement for the project and give all your District’s congregations a chance to participate. Your team can decide if your District does one Big Event and invites all the congregations to one place or if you hold several smaller events throughout your District in order to best grow participation from your congregations. See  the Planning a Big Event page for ideas and tips for your District Big Event.


APRIL 2016


Hold a Bazillion Book Big Event

Put your event planning into action and hold your District’s Bazillion Book Big Event. Make the day fun and memorable – have music, storytime, children’s book characters or authors, etc. Find ways that congregations of all sizes and people of all ages can participate. Contact the Conference Director of Communication Danette Clifton prior to your Big Event to discuss options for working with local media  to tell your Bazillion Book story to your local communities.
Danette Clifton— or 205-226-7973


MAY 2016


Tell Your Story

Each District is asked to provide videos, pictures and written stories to celebrate your efforts to the Conference Office of Communication. These media will be shared with the rest of the Conference through the Conference website, social media and email. They will also be used to create a time of celebration of the Bazillion Book Drive during Annual Conference 2016. 


JUNE 2016 and beyond


Encourage Ongoing Relationships

Our hope is that the Bazillion Book Drive will not be a finite project, but a way for local churches to start and build relationships in their communities that will encourage Ministry with the Poor. Now that your District has connected with agencies and under-resourced families, continue to explore other ways your congregations can make a difference in their lives in the name of Jesus Christ. For resources and mission training contact: Rev. Sally Allocca— or 205-836-3201

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