advent[ure] Bible Study

The way we think, choices we’ve made, our situations and circumstances all impact our spiritual experience. During the four weeks of Advent, journey through the familiar story we hear, remember, sing about and often see during this holiday (and holy) season.  Each week participants will be invited into a time of conversation and discussion about that week’s passage and the journey it represents after watching a video featuring women considering the Christmas story through the lens of their own journeys.

Week 1: Mary visits Elizabeth
Main themes are encouragement and support
After Mary’s visit from Gabriel, she went with haste to visit her relative, Elizabeth.  Sometimes you should seek encouragement and support, and sometimes it finds its way to you. While Mary and Elizabeth have different experiences of pregnancy, they are able to encourage each other and affirm for each other what God was doing in their lives.

  • When does God speak to you from/through other people?
  • When are you listening with the Holy Spirit?

Week 2: Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem
Main theme is responsibility
We have to live in the world we are born to. Traveling to Bethlehem was a great inconvenience considering Mary is many months pregnant, yet the couple responds to the order to register.  When they arrive there is no place to stay, and the time comes for the baby to be born.

  • Did they go without question because they knew the child would be born in Bethlehem according to prophecy?
  • Is there a difference between responsibility and obligation?

Week 3: The shepherds are called to the stable
Main themes are worship and affirmation
The story of another impulse trip after an angelic visitation, some lowly men became the first witnesses to the birth of the Messiah. They worshiped him and then went back to work.  Everyone was amazed except Mary; the prophecy told to her was coming to pass.  

  • Why were shepherds the first to see the Messiah?
  • From where do you come to worship Jesus?

Week 4: The Magi find the Messiah
Main themes are gifts and seeking Jesus
This group of learned men were not Jews, just exceptional men who believed and followed signs to meet the baby who would be King of the Jews.  Upon finding him, they offered gifts of gold for a king, incense for a priest, myrrh for a healer.  

  • How have we twisted gift giving and receiving at Christmas?
  • How do you seek Jesus?
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