Accessible Parking and Curbs

Many people do not understand just how important it is for many of our brothers and sisters to have accessible parking spaces.

Imagine if you had to park one mile away from the grocery store and carry four bags of heavy groceries all the way to your car! It wouldn't be too easy would it? It certainly would not be fun! That effort that you would have to expend to walk that mile carrying those groceries, is the same that many people with chronic pain and mobility problems feel if they have to park very far from a store.

People with chronic pain and mobility problems need the accessible parking spaces in order to be able to even enter the buildings. A person who uses a wheelchair and has a lift in his/her van, needs the extra space marked off to unload, yet many people feel the blue crossed lines are a free space to park grocery carts, motorcycles or even small cars. The result? A person in a wheelchair may be blocked from getting out of his/her car or from being able to load back into his/her car.

We need to be considerate of the needs of those around us. If you do not need an accessible parking space, be thankful and do not borrow a relative's placard just so you don't have to walk a few extra steps! Be thankful that you can walk!

The following link will lead you to one of the best videos I have ever seen on accessible parking and curb cut-outs. It was produced by the Madison City (Alabama) Disability Advocacy Board and is posted with their permission:

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