2015 CALL Grants

Applications for the 2014 CALL (Clergy Agency for Lifelong Learning) grants are being accepted through January 30, 2015.

Download the 2015 Application (.pdf file)

The CALL grants were developed because the leadership of the North Alabama Conference sensed a need and desire for more continuing education among clergy. Based on the idea that clergy learn best when they have agency in their study, the CALL grants provide guidance and financial support to new clergy of the NAC to pursue continuing education and training within a cohort model.

The goal of the CALL grants is to:

  • Invest in the leadership development of new clergy ordained in the last five years in the NAC
  • Encourage cohorts to develop creative curricula within their defined area of study
  • Foster clergy peer groups to encourage critical reflection and collaborative learning
  • Make resource presentations available to the NAC for the benefit of all clergy in this conference

Those interested in applying for a CALL grant should form a group with other newly ordained clergy (4-8 members) and identify an area of study. The cohort should develop a plan of study, keeping in mind that the length of the grant is two years. Each applying cohort will be assigned a Mentor to help with the application process and guide the group throughout the project. Accepted CALL cohorts will receive $5,000 per year for resources and each member of a cohort will be expected to contribute $250 per year. At the end of two years, the cohort will be expected to develop some kind of resource or presentation about what it learned to share with the rest of the Conference.

How to apply:

  • As a cohort, put together a plan of study and submit a paper application.
  • Once the paper application is approved, you will be assigned a mentor and a presentation date. Prepare a brief presentation of your plan for the Application Approval Team.
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